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Development Toys

Wooden Block Set (R440)Toddlers seem to love quantity, so this set of100 large, non-toxic, brightly colouredwooden blocks should be a perfect fit. Assoon as your little one has reached the ageof not wanting to eat or chew the blocks, it’stime to get these out of the toy cupboard.Remember that children don’t have to builda ‘house’ [...]

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DRIVING SOCIAL CHANGE The potential for universities to be instigators of social change, to level the field a little when it comes to knowledge capital, can extend beyond the bounds of the campus. There’s a strong civic and philanthropic drive behind the desire to increase the social and economic impact of our research and teaching. [...]

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What it’s about: This one-day, contentpackedevent has a central theme focusedon using different combinations ofcommunication disciplines (i.e. advertising,direct marketing, public relations etc.) insynergy, with the purpose of delivering theright message to the desired audience. Theconference aims to find a balance betweeneducating, entertaining and engagingdelegates—giving them first-hand, casestudyexposure to the most innovativeIMC trends. From this, delegates [...]

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Liberty’s Health

As the divisional director of health operations at multinational health insurance provider Liberty Health, Mbali Khumalo is responsible for the operational centre that supports and oversees Liberty Health’s in-country offices across Africa, as well as operations for the South African medical scheme administration business. It is a far cry from Khumalo’s first job as a [...]

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