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SPAR Women’s Challenge

One month left before the SPAR Women’s Challenge (Pretoria leg) Pretoria: 6 July 2018. Get racing to your nearest SPAR in Tshwane or go online and enter the Women’s Challenge TODAY! Pr-entries at SPAR stores and online entries will close on 22 July 2018 at 20:00. However, entries will still be open at Super Sport [...]

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Spar Women Contest

2018 Pretoria SPAR Women’s Challenge Officially Launched! The 2018 Pretoria SPAR Women’s Challenge is challenging every member of the Tshwane community to #FindYourWingz by becoming a vehicle for change and inspiration and celebrating our community’s heroes! The official launch of the 2018 race took place on 15th May 2018 at Sun International’s The Maslow Time [...]

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Dr Clare Nesser

Child Ear Moulding – a safe, painless alternative to ear surgery   From bullying to compromised self-confidence, children with deformed ears are at risk of a wide range of social and psychological issues that can potentially lead to low self-esteem. Peer ridicule and low performance are possible challenges faced by school-goers with congenital ear deformities. [...]

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DRIVING SOCIAL CHANGE The potential for universities to be instigators of social change, to level the field a little when it comes to knowledge capital, can extend beyond the bounds of the campus. There’s a strong civic and philanthropic drive behind the desire to increase the social and economic impact of our research and teaching. [...]

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