SPAR Women’s Challenge

One month left before the SPAR Women’s Challenge (Pretoria leg) Pretoria: 6 July 2018. Get racing to your nearest SPAR in Tshwane or go online and enter the Women’s Challenge TODAY! Pr-entries at SPAR stores and online entries will close on 22 July 2018 at 20:00. However, entries will still be open at Super Sport [...]

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Spar Women Contest

2018 Pretoria SPAR Women’s Challenge Officially Launched! The 2018 Pretoria SPAR Women’s Challenge is challenging every member of the Tshwane community to #FindYourWingz by becoming a vehicle for change and inspiration and celebrating our community’s heroes! The official launch of the 2018 race took place on 15th May 2018 at Sun International’s The Maslow Time [...]

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Love your skin

Entering the plush waiting area,the fragrance of fresh liliestickles your nose, and thebeautiful French wingbackchairs and crystal chandeliers wink atyou as you settle in. Baby and birthingmagazines, pamphlets and brochuresneatly adorn the table, while the tranquilcolours of the interiors (with just a hint ofbling) soothe your nerves. It is, after all,the waiting room, and this [...]

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Development Toys

Wooden Block Set (R440)Toddlers seem to love quantity, so this set of100 large, non-toxic, brightly colouredwooden blocks should be a perfect fit. Assoon as your little one has reached the ageof not wanting to eat or chew the blocks, it’stime to get these out of the toy cupboard.Remember that children don’t have to builda ‘house’ [...]

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