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Are you prepared? – Employer versus Employee.
LIFTING COVID-19 will still be a SIGNIFICANT RISK to business. 


The Occupational Health & Safety Act requires that business create a Safe working environment for:-

      • Employees.
      • Visitors.
      • & those you will never come into contact with.

This provides a significant challenge to companies. Why?

      • The employer versus employee versus the unknown, requires an in-depth analysis on conducting business in a sustainable way.
        • Employees could bring the virus back into the workplace.
        • Visitors, contractors, 3rd parties could bring the virus into the workplace.
        • The virus could be unwittingly acquired in public spaces.
        • Knowingly allowing a COVID-19 person on site can incur serious criminal consequences.

Employer versus Employee. The basics.

The employer has responsibilities to shield the employee and 3rd parties by creating a safe working environment.

  • Employers will need to do a risk assessment on all the possible scenarios that could arise and cause cross contamination.
    • For example:-
      • Personal Protective Equipment might need to be provided, hand sanitizers need to be available.
      • What action will be required for when contamination has arisen?, etc.
  • This means creating new policies, procedures and methodologies to mitigate risk.
    • For example:-
      • Company employees.
      • 3rd parties visiting your company. (representatives, friends, deliveries and so forth).
      • Face to face meetings. (reception, boardroom discussions, general workplace discussions).
  • Identifying and implementing solid structures to mitigate risk will be a prerequisite to maintaining a zero risk  environment.
    • For example:-
      • A daily health assessment declaration for all entering company premises.
      • Routine sanitizing of all surfaces.
      • Creating a solid awareness program for all in the working environment.

The employee has the responsibility to preserve themselves and anyone they come into contact with by maintaining a safe work environment.

    • For Example:-
      • They need to make the company aware if they have COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms.
      • They need to report to management if they suspect any other employee might have symptoms that might affect the company.
      • They need to make the company aware of risk exposure to themselves. For example:- delivery of company goods to 3rd parties, Meeting with representatives, handling of common equipment, etc.

This is only a very small snippet of what companies can expect and are required to implement.

TIME is of the essence. There is only a small window available to make change.

Companies are currently in lockdown.

It makes sense for responsible management to start working on solid reformation of the workplace.

SASMANIA has the solution. We have created a solid package of products, policies & procedures that will assist
companies in mitigating risk before lockdown ends.

Preserve your company and it’s business continuity – Download and complete the attached form and order the necessary.

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