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love your skinEntering the plush waiting area,
the fragrance of fresh lilies
tickles your nose, and the
beautiful French wingback
chairs and crystal chandeliers wink at
you as you settle in. Baby and birthing
magazines, pamphlets and brochures
neatly adorn the table, while the tranquil
colours of the interiors (with just a hint of
bling) soothe your nerves. It is, after all,
the waiting room, and this reception hall
cleverly conceals the function of the space.
To call it a maternity hospital wouldn’t
do it justice—it is so much more.
Just up the road in Cape Town’s
Northern Suburbs medical belt is the
newly shaped Panorama Healthcare
Centre that houses the state-of-the-art
Origin Maternity Hospital: a private
establishment licensed by the Western
Cape Department of Health and
underwritten by medical aids.
Origin—owned by an investment
consortium that includes the Annenberg
Property Group and Anglo African
Estates—is the first birthing and women’s
wellness hospital of its nature in the country.
It offers health services including
pregnancy, gynaecological and familyplanning
care, a variety of lifestyle
programmes, and even support for dads.
Origin’s ultimate aim is for women to
achieve wellness—from birth to youth to
womanhood to maturity.
When researching this article, I was
surprised to learn of the high caesareansection
rate (roughly 80%) in South
Africa currently. While Origin’s approach
respects all decisions, the specialist team
holistically focuses on natural, low-risk,
midwife-delivered, healthy-mum-healthybaby
births with exemplary care thereafter.
Sydney Grové, Origin’s general
manager—and something of a legend in
the Western Cape as an advanced and
clinical accoucheur (male midwife)—and
midwife specialist Henny de Beer provide
exclusive, specialised, professional nursing
services along with their “team of
champions” of midwives, doulas, admin
personnel, a chef and kitchen crew.
Ob-gyns also play an integral part of this
multidisciplinary outfit. It becomes obvious
that Grové has hand-selected his staff as he
proudly lists their accreditations; there’s a
fondness in his voice when he