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about-afa-img-1213Any recent successes or highlights?
The ROSE Foundation is proud to be the one-stop
shop for anything related to used lubricating oil in
South Africa. We are the only organisation that does
this kind of work on the entire African continent.
Since our inception in 1994, we have collected over
one billion litres of used oil. One cannot imagine
what would have happened to soil and water
resources if such an amount of used oil had been
disposed of irresponsibly.
Name some of the ROSE Foundation’s
partners. How do you collaborate?
It is important to highlight that the company is
funded by contributions from the major players in the
lubricating oil business in South Africa. These member
companies agree and contribute a self-regulated levy,
which becomes part of what the consumer pays when
they purchase virgin oil. Generators of used oil—
which is a broad category covering vehicle service
workshops, mines, construction, farms and other
sectors—play a key role in draining oil out of vehicles
and machines. The collectors traverse the length and
breadth of the country, transporting the used oil from
generators to processing facilities. The latter use
sophisticated technology to purify the used oil into
usable products like industrial heating oil and rerefined
based oil. We work with various industry
associations like the National Oil Recycling
Association of South Africa, South African Industrial
Container Reconditioners Association, Retail Motor
Industry Association, and others.
What led you to join the ROSE
I had a wonderful 15 years with Engen but, like with
most things, I needed a change, and the ROSE Foundation provided
a perfect opportunity. Fortunately for me, I am still operating within
the oil industry. Naturally, it’s a different value chain completely, but
having worked for a major industry player assists a great deal. This
background enables me to anticipate better what the member
companies expect of the ROSE Foundation.
What goals have you set for yourself as CEO?
I would like to see a ROSE Foundation that is a formidable brand in
the waste management sector. When people see used lubricating oil,
they must immediately think ‘ROSE’. These are obviously long-term
goals. In the short term, I would like to put a lot of energy toward
getting the ROSE Foundation to work with the majority of oil
collectors and processors in the country. I want to substantially
increase the used oil we can account for. This means I should know
who all the role players are, and have conversations about how we
could work together. Coupled with that, we should get all lubricant
marketers, manufacturers and importers to become part of ROSE.
There should be no free riders in protecting the environment.
How would you describe your leadership style?
I would say that my leadership style is management by exception. I
don’t get involved in every little detail of the company’s work. I
empower the people to do what must be done, and only get involved
when they need me to. It’s important for today’s leaders to treat staff
as people first, and as employees last.
The greatest leadership lessons you have learnt?
Leadership should benefit those being led, not the leader. Achievements
in leadership cannot be viewed in isolation to the impact those
decisions have on the people and the environment. I have learnt that,
as leaders, we have a responsibility to make decisions that are beneficial
to our customers, that consider the welfare of the actors who will
implement our decisions, and comprehend the worldviews of other
key stakeholders. Leadership is the most needed ingredient to the
success of not only our separate companies but also our beloved South


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